It's over! Solcha opens up in case of "De Gea" goes wrong.

20 Jul

Ole Gunnar Solcha, manager of Manchester United defending David de Gea, the Spanish national team defense Who missed the second goal in the game, losing to Chelsea in the FA Cup playoffs last weekend, indicating the Spanish Spanish knows themselves that they should save better. But everything is over and now the "Red Devils" have to move forward.

Ole Gunnar Solcha, the Norwegian manager of the "Red Devils" Manchester United revealed David de Gea Spanish blood keeper Realizing that he made a terrible mistake that didn't prevent him from causing the team to lose the second goal in the match, losing to Chelsea 1-3, the FA Cup semi-final. At Wembley Stadium On Sunday 19 July the past 

The rhythm came in the second half when left-handed Brandon Williams missed the ball, causing Mason Mount to cut and pull the ball into the penalty area. In which the ball is not very strong and meets De Kea, but the Spanish national team goalkeeper Push the ball into the door to look cool 

In this case, Solcha commented after being fired by the media about the future goalkeeper's question: "Of course, every People have to show their form well and everyone has a chance. There is every opportunity. At the time of their seizure, David knew that he should have better saved the second goal. But now it's over We have to move forward. It is difficult for the goalkeeper to compensate, even if David twists to show an incredible save 2 or 3 times afterwards. "

" It's easy for an outfield player. (Referring to other positions But David has always shown that he is always pretty safe. Many times But of course he knows that he should save that moment better, "said the former Norway national spearhead. 

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